Probability Simulations



Here are some probability simulations to try out:

Flipping Coins

Rolling Dice


Drawing an item

Math Live 5 Probability Lesson

Click on Lessons and then Probability.

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Advertising Websites

Here is an interesting website to explore:

Can you find more websites like this?  If you can, post them on our Classroom Blog for your classmates to explore.

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Structures Word List

forces, pushing, pulling, turning/twisting, tension, comprehension, electromagnetic, gravity, friction, buoyancy, dead load, live load, deck, pier, span, foundations, approach, beam bridge, truss girder bridge, arch bridge, cantilever bridge, suspension bridge, abutment, counterbalance, anchors, towers, cables, hangers, concrete, rebar, wind, water, earthquake


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Algebra Equations Charts 

Click on each picture to make it larger and easier to use.

Writing Equations 

Creating Scenarios 

Strategies and Tools for Solving Equations 

Addition Equations 

Subtraction Equations


Multiplication Equations 

Division Equations 

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Algebra Websites

Image result

Here are some algebra websites to help you practise:

Pan Balance Activities: (Shapes) (Numbers)


Algebraic Reasoning:


Solving Equations Using Addition:


Solving Equations Using Subtraction


Solving Equations Using Multiplication

Solving Equations Using Division

Equations Lessons:


Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Equations:

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Here are some volume websites to help you practise:

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3D Shapes


Here are some websites about 3D shapes to explore:


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Algonquians vs. Iroquoians – Comparing First Nations Project

In this project we are comparing the way of life of two different First Nations groups living in Canada before the Europeans arrived.

Areas to be compared include:

  • Location
  • Groups
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Homes
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Myths & Legends
  • Jobs
  • Art
  • Trade
  • Warfare
  • Other

Include pictures, maps and drawings to add to your project.

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Name that Triangle Game

The triangle game we used in class can be found at the website below.  Go to lessons and click on Triangles.


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2D Geometry


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