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Mr. Inside-Out’s Challenge Question

  “I heard some of you are stumped by my challenge question, so here are some hints to help you.”

    Good luck!


For each phrase think of a two-word rhyme.  For example, a “dance for hogs” is a “pig jig.”

A. a crafty two-winged insect      ______ fly

B. an extra seat                                  ______ chair

C. a huge vessel                               large  ______

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Converting Metric Units Activities

Converting centimetres to metres and metres to centimetres


Converting metres to kilometres and kilometres to metres


More to come.

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Adding Whole Numbers – anchor chart

Before we add, we estimate our answers by rounding to the nearest hundred or thousand. Here are two ways students in our class like to add three numbers together. When we are finished, we check our answer by comparing it to the estimate to see if it is reasonable.




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Where in the world is Mr. Stephens?


Click on leave a comment to tell me where I am in this photo. (building, city, country)




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Secret Message

Ask your parents or guardians to subscribe to our class website.  Subscriptions earn class tickets.  It’s easy.  They just type their email address into the Subscribe by Email box and hit submit.  It looks like the picture below and is located on the bottom of the toolbar on the right-hand side.

email subscription

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