Humorous Narrative

You wake up one morning, and you realize you are not yourself.  You are an inanimate object.

Write a humorous narrative for all of your human friends to read that tells what your new life is like.

Your story should have a beginning,  middle and end, and should describe your experiences in detail.

It should include all of the parts of a narrative:

  • characters
  • setting
  • problem
  • plot events
  • ending

and it should include all of the characteristics of a humorous story:

  • the premise, or  starting point, of the story is unusual
  • details give you warnings of surprises ahead
  • the main character has an interesting personality
  • the ending often has a twist, or  surprise, the reader doesn’t predict

Click the attachment below for the Humorous Narrative Brainstorming sheet.

Humorous Narrative Brainstorming sheet

Click on the attachment below for the Humorous Narrative Story Map sheet.

Humorous Narrative Story Map


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