Your Product Radio Ads

Think about the following when you are creating or evaluating your radio ads:

  • message, audience
  • script
  • product name
  • persuasive text and information
  • slogan, catch phrase or jingle
  • minimum 30 seconds to 1 minute maximum
  • other radio ad features


Features of Radio Ads

  • product or service
  • aimed at a target audience
  • short (30 sec. to 1 min.)
  • repeats information (especially product name and phone number)
  • planning (scripts)
  • voices (clear, expression, tone, pace, volume, special effects)
  • background music
  • sound effects
  • humour
  • dialogue
  • slogans, catchphrases or jingles
  • pauses
  • celebrity endorsements
  • information (product facts, price, contact info., location, special offers)



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