Our Class 50 Sports Drink: PowerHour

PowerHour  Product Pitch

Power up with PowerHour! No other sports drink on the market delivers the benefits, the flavours and the endorsements of so many outstanding athletes. Drinking our sports drink will help you feel better, live better and play better.

Drinking PowerHour will give you what you need to compete and win. Its electrolytes help prevent muscle cramps, overheating and fatigue and it will repair your body. It is the healthiest sports drink on the market and it contains 100% real fruit juice. It is low in sugar and has only 50 calories per bottle. It is full of minerals and has more vitamin C than orange juice. Only water comes close to refreshing and replenishing you like PowerHour.

Your taste buds will be energized with our new, exciting flavours. Try our Limony, it’s two fruity flavours in one. It’s a dynamic duo of lemon and lime that will surely save your day. Our Banana Blast will explode all over your mouth with flavour. A few sips of our Pineapple Punch will knock out your tastebuds. Dare to drink our Boo Berry! It’s a montrous blend of berries that will scare away your thirst. Enjoy these and many more of our exciting flavours. We have a flavour for every taste – find yours.

Improve your performance by using what the pros use. Drain a bottle of PowerHour and soon you’ll be draining threes like Steph Curry. Fuelling up on PowerHour helps Jimmie Johnson keep his cool on a scorching hot racetrack. Ben Roethlisberger grabs a bottle of PowerHour and tackles his thirst before powering the ball down the field. Messi says the powerful combination of flavours in PowerHour gives him the kick he needs to deke out the opposition and score. As you can see, drinking PowerHour will help you to excel in any sport you play.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to grab a bottle and go on a taste adventure. Visit www.PowerHour.ca and learn more about the #1 selling sports drink in the country. Try our games, get free stuff and enter our “Create your Own Flavour Contest.” Take the Thirst Test and we can even tell you what flavour is right for you. Why drink anything else?



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