The Garage Sale Mystery: Who stole the guitar?

After you have voted, add a comment and tell us why you think it was that person.  Use your own knowledge and the ideas from the book.  Convince us that they are the guilty party.



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5 Responses to The Garage Sale Mystery: Who stole the guitar?

  1. I think it was someone else because in some stories the thief is not in the story, until the end.
    You just never know.

  2. i think it is mrs.Filchall because she already stole earings befor and whan cassie and conner where driving there bikes the saw a pink scarf on mrs.flilchalls driveway and she bought a big suitcase from the garage sale and she could have put the guitar in the big suitcase

  3. I think it is the Mackey brothers because there spoiled and spoiled kids always need what they want and they will always get it

  4. Dear Mr Stephens I’m reading a book called diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever it’s about Christmas and Greg heffley barley gets presents because he bites his brother

  5. Dear mr stephens im reading ghostopolis its wrote by doug tennapel its when theres this detective agency and theres a dinosaur that goes into garths house and was on him but frank gallows sends the dinosaur and garth back to the afterlife

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