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Happy Holidays, Class Five-O!


Class Five-O!

If you do not celebrate Christmas, enjoy your holidays.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to all of the students and parents who brought in gifts and treats for our class party.

Your generosity was much appreciated.  Thanks again.
Enjoy yourself and have a safe and happy vacation!

Looking forward to learning with you in 2018,
Mr. Stephens
PS:  Keep your eyes open for new items on our websites and don’t forget to post over the holidays.

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Three States of Matter

Click on the website below to look at particles in the three states of matter.

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An Ancient Mystery – Death in Rome


Can you solve this ancient mystery?  Use your powers of observation and detective skills to solve this crime.

You have until dawn to investigate the crime scene.  Look at the evidence, listen to eye-witness testimonies and use your intuition.

Good luck!

Click on the link below to begin.

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Matter Vocabulary

Here are some words you need to know from this unit:

solids, liquids, gases, melting point, boiling point, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, temperature, shape, volume, strength, particles, vapour, melting, boiling, freezing, sublimation, freezing point, transparent, opaque, reversible, non-reversible, physical change, chemical change, carbon dioxide, hypothesis, purpose, apparatus, method, observations, conclusions

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The Garage Sale Mystery: Who stole the guitar?

After you have voted, add a comment and tell us why you think it was that person.  Use your own knowledge and the ideas from the book.  Convince us that they are the guilty party.



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Government in Canada: Social and Environmental Issues Research

Here is the link to your presentation software:

Here are some the social or environmental issues to research:

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Patterns Websites




Number Patterns

Input / Output Machine

Moon Rock Patterns

Safe Patterns Games

Mission 2110 Codes

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